Dendrago, the crocheting Marine. Currently stationed in Okinawa. Join me in my descent into every fandom I can stand.


Step 1: Make the Toothless doll.

Step 2: Find patterns for Stormfly, Hookfang, Meatlug, and Barf & Belch.

Step 3: Make those too.




Temeraire fandom, sound off!



[Captain James shouting in the distance]

It seems like half the characters in this series stunt their own character development by refusing to admit that they’re developing.


petition to make ‘an extra hour in the ball pit’ a white card in cards against humanity

Alternatively, “An extra hour in the ___” as a black card.

They’re playing Pentatonix mashups at this diner.

I’m alright with this.

Sometimes I kinda forget that Achievement Hunter is an actual company that gives actual wages to the people making these videos.

I have a constant desire for physical affection but apply ridiculous connotations to any amount of physical contact and get flustered and awkward when anyone so much as pats me on the shoulder or shakes my hand for too long.

I alternate between moods of “I want to hold someone” and “I want someone to hold me” but there is never a time that I don’t crave physical affection of some sort.