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Do you ever have that person show up on your dash that you just look at and wonder “…When did I follow you and why?”

So, I finished my first complete Drox map.

Time for sleep.

Tomorrow begins the Crowded challenge map: all ten races in a single map at once.

I keep hearing a ton of racial slurs coming out of my neighbor’s room.

I don’t think he realizes the fact that he’s white as fuck.

I think what’s bugging me most about Wheel of Time so far is that I can tell there’s a vibrant, detailed, fantastic history to this world under the surface, but the only time it’s ever breached is in three-paragraph info dumps summing up dozens of years.

I need someone to just fall asleep with their head on my chest so I can wrap my arms around their shoulders and make them feel safe.

Hooray for feeling completely fucking alone for another night in a row.

Just love it when my mind gets like this.

The best way I can describe Drox Operative:

Picture a game of Sins of a Solar Empire with all computer players, and you’re a single neutral flagship going around doing whatever you like and taking missions where they present themselves.

Gotta love it when your computer shuts down mid-game for updates without warning you beforehand at all.

Oh, I completely forgot!

Happy Homestuck Day, everyone!