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We need to just do away with shoestrings entirely and go back to the days of buckles and straps.

There need to be more parts from Perrin’s perspective.

I like him more than Rand.

As similar as the terms may seem, there is actually a significant difference between shipping and romspec.

Whereas shipping is the analysis of personalities and characters for the sake of potential relationships, romspec analyzes existing relationships in order to predict potential future events in the story.

Both are rather fun if you get a hang of it.

God I just realized I’m subconsciously doing romspec for Wheel of Time as I’m reading.


Holy fuck these books are long.

And I’m not even done with the first one.

I do like how they take into account the realistic approach to medieval-era horse and pack travel, in that it takes fucking forever.



A few off-the-wall predictions for Wheel of Time:

Egwene is going to become an Aes Sedai.

Perrin is going to be her Warder.

Nynaeve is also going to be an Aes Sedai.

Nynaeve x Lan is going to be canon.

Second such prediction - were Egwene and Perin so obvious together in the first book? 

Of course. A close friendship was readily apparent during the Tinkers and Elyas parts, and given history with each other, it easily could last.

And, of course, not to mention the parallels of Elyas having the wolf powers and being a Warder, then Perrin developing the same powers. Depending on the author, it could easily follow that Perrin could become a Warder in the future, and since (I assume) all Warders are bound to a specific Aes Sedai, it would only make sense for him to pick a childhood friend.

I fucking hate my skin.